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Learn how to free yourself from anxieties with these 6 easy steps

Anxiety is one of the prevalent things that as a coach we deal with. Imagine trying and trying to achieve a goal, only to have a mishap that continues to make the goal unattainable.

There are 8 things to do to eliminate anxiety from your day.

1. What time is it? I know that sounds strange, but the majority of my calls from clients in duress is in the evening to night time. Even with my own life, I see that my anxiety is so much worse at night, that I continue to tell myself, "deal with it in the morning." Just remember things are worse at night......go to sleep. And don't sleep text! Boy did I get myself into so much trouble with that!

2. Meditation? What's that? Yes, meditation done well can lower your heart rate and calm your anxiety. I know that when things seem to be falling apart, the last thing you want do is breathe....but it is the most important thing. Download a great app an follow along each and every day. This routine will create a more calm you and the knowledge of how to deal with anxiety when it does pop up. And if you can't get a good app, just sit quiet and remove everything from your mind. That's what meditation is....

3. Turn on the screen?? So many times people tell us to put down the electronics, but I do find that putting on a movie that is funny or the Discovery Channel or even Food Network helps me remove some anxiety. Now I don't mean that you should put on Rambo or something else that will work you up even more! Find what is right for you!

4. Cook....One way to relieve anxiety depending on the time you are going through it is to cook a new recipe. You should have to follow the instructions, so it takes your mind off the problem and put it into something else. Watch what you are eating, though, we don't want a whole new reason for anxiety! Actually, if you are not a great cook, find a hobby that will enable you to get out of your head and into that hobby.

5. Call a friend. That's what friends are for. Do you have that one friend you can call at any time day or night? Make an agreement with those friends that you will be there for them at any time day or night and ask them to do the same for you. Don't call them at 2 a.m. if you have not verbalized this agreement. Also, remember to look back at Rule No. 1! And if you are working with your life coach, call them! Work through your anxiety with your coach.

6. Positive thinking...Last, and certainly not least, is remember that you can handle it.. I have been through some pretty bad things in my life and I am still here. Trying and working every day, you will find your way and a way to fix what is causing you anxiety. When you are emotional, you are not going to look at anything with fresh eyes and could feel hopeless. Stop, breathe, and know you are strong enough to be on this earth and handle most anything!


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